CHAS Accreditation Press Release

PRESS RELEASE – Synergy Roofing achieves CHAS accreditation

October 2014

Health and safety are number 1 concerns for local Roofing Company. 

CHASSynergy Roofing has been awarded the widely recognised CHAS accreditation in recognition of it’s commitment to the health and safety of all it’s staff.

With the new regulations for CDM coming into force in 2015 and reflecting the industries ongoing commitment to reducing accidents at work, Synergy Roofing has achieved the high standards required for CHAS membership.

CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) is rapidly becoming a construction industry standard which allows buyers to measure H&S standards fairly and consistently across a range of companies working in allied but often dissimilar trades.

The aim of the scheme is to improve health and safety standards across the construction industry sector and to alleviate some of the inevitable duplication that exists when completing tender applications.

Major construction industry buyers such as Local Councils, NHS trusts, housing associations and increasingly private organisations who participate in the system can now logon to a single database and check the current status of all potential suppliers.

CHAS accreditation is increasingly often requested by the countries major construction companies as it allows an uninterrupted transparency in the lengthy chain of the pre-qualification system. With Base Structures enviable record in the management and application of H&S systems throughout the business we take great pride in our passing of this stringent quality assurance benchmark.