Terms and Conditions – Services

Services Contract

1 Synergy Roofing Limited (the Company) intends to rely upon the written terms set out here. If you require any changes, please make sure you ask for these to be put in writing. In that way, we can avoid any problems surrounding what the Company and you the Customer is expected to do.

2 Before signing this order, the customer should carefully read the terms and conditions set out on the other side of this agreement.

3 You cannot cancel an order unless you pay any losses and costs we suffer because of the cancellation. If we cancel the contract, we must pay you any losses or costs you suffer because of the cancellation.

4 If at any time the installation is, for a structural technical difficulty, impractical the company shall, on request, provide written reasons for the difficulty to the customer and may terminate this agreement. Any deposit paid will be refunded. However, if the difficulty in question could not reasonably have been expected to have been anticipated by the surveyors, the company will not make to the customer any payment for any loss unless it can be shown that we have been negligent.

5 The Company will install the items within a reasonable time.

6 If the company is denied access for the delivery of the goods, a claim for any abortive labour and materials costs may be made.

7 The Company will do all that it reasonably can to meet the date given for delivery and/or installation. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, beyond the reasonable control of the company the Company will contact the Customer and agree an alternative date.

8 If we do not start or complete the work within 5 days of any date included in our estimate or quote you may nominate a date on which you want us to start the work or by which you want us to complete the work. If we have not started or completed the work by the date you have nominated you may cancel the agreement.

9 On satisfactory completion of the work the client hereby agrees to pay the balance due. The Purchaser shall not be entitled by reason of any alleged minor defect to withhold more than a proportionate amount of the sum due.

10 Failure to pay the balance outstanding will entitle the company to charge interest on the balance at the rate of 4% interest per annum above Bank of England base rate.

11 We shall retain ownership of the goods until you have finished paying for them.

12 The Customer accepts that the installation may cause damage to decorations this provision does not exclude the Company’s responsibility for damage which is beyond what is reasonably consistent with the fitting of the product in the usual way (for example damage to other areas of the premises where the product is not being fitted).

13 The company does not accept any liability for damage caused by pre-existing structural defects.

14 If either you or we breach this Agreement, neither of us will be responsible for any losses that the other suffers as a result, except those losses which are foreseeable.

15 You must tell us about any fault or damage as soon as is reasonably possible.

16 Any error or omission in any information, or document issued by us shall be subject to correction provided that the correction does not materially affect the contract.

17 If, for any reason beyond the Company’s reasonable control, the Company is unable to supply a particular item, the Company will notify the Customer. With the agreement of the Customer the Company will replace it with an item of equal or superior standard and value.

18 We reserve the right to change the specification of the products to be supplied to you if it is necessary to meet current building standards or to comply with safety requirements or other changes in legislation so long as the changes do not materially affect the appearance or performance of the installation.

19 As it is our policy to continually improve products, methods and materials, we reserve the right to change specifications from time to time, we will not make any significant variations without your agreement.

Additional Work
20 Any additional work requested and agreed will be specified in writing.

21 You must not transfer this Agreement, as it is personal to you, without written authority from us. This authority will not be refused without good reason. A reasonable charge may be made.

22 The guarantee is only effective once work has been satisfactorily completed and full payment has been made.

23 The Purchaser shall be responsible for all measurements given to the Company, except where the Company’s Surveyor has surveyed the site and supplied the measurements.

24 If any goods supplied (or any part of them) have been lost or damaged by us we will at your option either repair or replace them or pay you the market value of the goods.

25 We will make good any damage caused in the course of installation to roof tiles, slates, render, brickwork and so on, but you accept that the installation may cause damage to exterior decoration and, except for damage caused by our negligence, we do not undertake to carry out any redecoration.

26 Where items are made to customers’ individual requirements, this order cannot be cancelled unless we are in breach of our obligations to you.

27 The Customer shall be responsible for any losses, expenses or other costs incurred by us which are caused by an untrue statement made deliberately by the Customer.