GRP Flat Roof System

GRP Flat Roof System

“What is it?”

A GRP Flat Roof System, which is more commonly known as Fibreglass roofing, is roof which is made up of a polyester resin which is reinforced by chopped glass fibre matting. It’s one of the most cost effective roofs on the market, having a life expectancy of 50 years+!


“GRP Versus Felt”

Both are styles of flat roofs, but with very different methods and life expectancies. On one hand we have the Felt roof, and whilst it is simple to install, it also has the lower life expectancy of the two. With a life expectancy of between 10-15 years, the GRP roofing system trumps this by at least 30 years or more. There are several reasons for this. The application of the felt is challenging at the best of times, and is stuck onto the surface by using a roofing gas torch, over the course of several warm and cold seasons and various temperatures indoors the felt will expand and contract, after several years of this the joins in the felt will start to leak and cracks will start to appear.

GRP roofing, Fibreglass, is also relatively easy to apply, but the outcome of the work could last for more than 50 years! Once the job has been prepped and checked, the application of the fibreglass roofing can take place. Unlike felt roofs, the roof is “painted on”, so to speak, so its installation is a chemical process rather than a glued bonding in comparison to felt, which, if the wrong people or company do the job, can leave yourselves with felt roofs which haven’t been stuck down properly. To avoid this, we recommend the use of GRP roofs, as not only are they longer lasting, and cost effective, they also add value to your beloved home!


“Roof Lanterns”

What are they? Well, asking your common search engine, and you’ll be told something along the lines of this:

“A roof lantern is a daylighting cupola architectural element. Architectural lanterns are atop a larger roof and provide natural light into the space or room below. In contemporary use it is an architectural skylight structure.” -Wikipedia

Over the past couple of years, we are receiving an increased number of clients who are seeking a roof lanterns, and why not? they look fantastic! Whilst loosely remaining on the subject of GRP, Fibreglass roofing, we have found that an increased amount of people are coupling their new GRP roofs with roof lanterns. I pin this down to a combination of two things, the durability of GRP and the neat and tidy look of a fibreglass roof.

“Benefits of GRP”

As mentioned before, there are several benefits for having a GRP flat roof installed. The life expectancy is the most notable, as not only experts suggesting that GRP roofs could last 50+ years, but we also personally offer a 20 year guarantee from the manufacturers. This does not mean we think the roof will last for 20 years! We say 20 years because we believe if you haven’t encountered a problem before then, you probably have the perfect flat roof.

Life expectancy also links in with the product being cost effect. We have had several customers in the past using different types of flat roofs and spending a small fortune getting the same roof fixed and replaced every ten years or so. Whereas the customers with GRP flat roofs, rarely have any issues, and are predicted to have the same flat roof for the next 50+ years!

Another benefit for the GRP flat roofs is that if there was any accidental damage to the Fibreglass roof, repairs are relatively simple and straight forward, meaning the product wouldn’t needed to be completely re roofed! They are also very strong, if you need to access the flat roof we can install a course covering that allows extra grip, ideal if you need access for maintenance or window cleaning etc.

The different colours you my choose from for your GRP roof

Also a choice of non slip finishes

The is a choice of non slip finishes

A range different colour GRP roofs

A range different colour GRP roofs



As mentioned in the “Benefits of GRP” section, GRP roofing or Fibreglass roofing will genuinely last for decades, and therefore we, as a company, are willing to offer a STAGGERING 20 year guarantee!

Having such a high guarantee timeframe shows the faith we have in both our staff and the product itself!

“What happens next ?”

So how does GRP sound? If GRP is something that interests you, why not give one of our guys here a Synergy Roofing a call on 01733 711 711 to arrange a free, no obligation survey and see just how cost effective your new GRP flat roof can be.