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April 3, 2017

Felt Roof Repair work

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Replacing A Damaged Felt Roof

With the recent bad weather, in which we encountered storm Doris, we received a call from an IT company based in March, they had informed us that that Doris has ripped up a portion of their roof!

Damaged Roof

Damaged Roof


With MILLIONS of pounds worth of servers and technology, it was vital that we fixed the roof quickly, safely and  competently. Our first step was to strip the roof of the damaged section as well as the warm roof system that had also been removed by the high winds.. We then fitted new warm roof insulation and OSB tongue and grove boards for further stability and prepared to lay down 3 ply torch on felt.

OSB tongue and grove boards

OSB tongue and grove boards




Once the prep work had been completed, it was time to torch the felt safely on. It took a while to complete, but the roof repairs were finally complete. Doesn’t it look fantastic!

The IT clients were thrilled with the roof, and favourably for them, their insurance company agreed to help!

Another fantastic job from our guys!

Finished Felt Roof

Finished Felt Roof

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