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April 1, 2016

Building the dream – day 1

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Building The Dream.

Today we start our involvement in the Channel 4’s Building The Dream project from Helpston.

Unfortunately the cameras were there last week but the carpenters hadn’t finished their woodwork, still, I had some nicely cleaned and freshly shaved teams ready for work on Thursday all anticipating their 15 minutes of fame.

As the new tiles aren’t being delivered until next week, we have been asked to felt and batten to keep the new build dry. The new roof covering will be a Collyweston looking type of tile called a Winchcombe Tile. As these tiles vary in size, in a similar fashion to Collyweston Slate, we require a battening schedule to set out the correct gauge for the batten.

Unfortunately, we don’t have this yet, so will start with a tack batten approach (battening every 1 metre). Allowing us to keep the new build dry until the schedule arrives. Hopefully, early next week.

As you can see in the pictures, this is a Collyweston Stone house fitting in with the locally sourced material policy the clients are trying to use. Unfortunately, as the Collyweston Slate mine is still not producing Collyweston Slate yet (though after speaking to the owners, this may change next year) utilising Collyweston Slate for the roof wasn’t an option. Though the clients second choice is a good replacement.

More updates coming soon.

Helpston Building The Dream House

Helpston Building The Dream House

Helpston Building The Dream House

Helpston Building The Dream House

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