Factory Unit Gutter Leaks

Amanda called us to have a look at a problem her company was having with their new unit. As a growing company they moved into the unit just before Christmas but almost immediately had problems with the guttering.

Amanda asked Synergy Roofing for some advise on where the water was coming in from. After some investigation we could see the water source was in some degree from condensation however, there were some problems with the guttering itself. The gutter didn’t flow in the correct way and water was pooling in the gulley. This in turn was causing the steel gutter to start to rust creating pin holes through which the water dripped through.

We came up with a selection of possible remedies for the problem, including rerouting the gutter with additional downpipes, lifting the gutter itself or managing the gutter as is. Deciding that managing the water was the most cost effective solution we proceded with the solution.

Firstly we cleared the gutter of all loose rust and particles, then gave it a good clean. We then applied Fix-R liquid waterproofing system. As a solvent free system we could avoid causing any chemical smells in the unit, and it’s properties allowed a lasting solution to this specific problem.


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