Slate Reroof

Slate Tile Reroof

Another slate reroof, this time around out in the village of Nassington. As per with any reroof, the first step is to always remove the old slates first. then, we take care of the old batten and old felt. The next step is to nail down the new felt and batten – always using BS5534 breathable membrane and treated batten – once this is done, the slates are ready to be laid. As you can see below, good prep work enables the tiles to be put in with out any hiccups.

Did you know ?

Battening that has the correct specifications for BS5534 has BS5534 printed on it (and usually is dyed red) if you are using a roofer who uses batten that doesn’t have BS5534 printed on it, they are cutting corners on your project !!

Ready to be slated

Ready to be slated

All throughout jobs, we like to encourage the customers to have a look at that work, as it progresses, and at every opportunity this particular customer give us positive feedback. Also worth noting, that due to this job being a reroof (also called a roof refurbishment), we were sure to adhere to the BS5534 standards. Also, as more than 50% of the roof covering was being replaced we are legally required to apply for a compliance certificate from the Local Authority Building Inspector. As a homeowner you can be fined £5000 for not getting one ! Similar to the compliance certificates for new electrical works, this ensures the completed roofing works match the required standards and hopefully puts cowboy roofers out of business !

With the roof being covered in brand new slates, its safe to say the customer was over the moon with their new roof. And we can’t blame him, looking at these pictures!

Finished Roof

Finished Roof

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