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Felt Roof Replacement

Felt Roof Repair

“Who Are They?”

Next up for the lads, a drive out to Luton. “Unite The Union” or more commonly known as “Unite”, is a British and Irish trade union formed in 01/05/07 by the merger of Amicus and the Transport and General Workers Union. It is the largest trade union in the UK and Ireland. The General secretary of “Unite” is Len McCluskey.

“The Problems”

Upon arrival, our guys went up, and did some inspection on the roof in question. It soon became apparent where the leaks were coming from. As you can see from the picture below, The felt had seen better days, and had reached it’s life expectancy. Felt roofs will usually last between 10 and 15 years, if done properly.

Damaged Flat Roof

Damaged Flat Roof

Damaged Flat Roof

Damaged Flat Roof

Damaged Flat Roof










“What We Did”

The guys here at Synergy roofing were very quick to come up with a solution. First thing first, the previous damaged felt needed taking up. after they took the felt up, they had to replace the previous damaged boards underneath as well. Once the prep work had been carried out, the next step was to put some new boards down, followed by the new felt. The outcome? A water tight and secure roof as well as one very happy client! a fantastic job from all round. good work guys.


Finished Felt roof

Finished Felt Roof

Finished Felt Roof

Finished Felt Roof

High access storm damage repairs using a cherry picker

The Storm is Coming

In the wake of Storm Doris, we have received numerous calls regarding repairs. With wind speeds of up to 94mph around some parts of the Britain, the damage caused was reminiscent of the storm damage caused in the 80’s.

In this particular instance, the damage caused was less severe than some, when the wind blows at high speed above the tiles and over a ridge it can create a vacuum effect sucking the breathable membrane upwards and in turn dislodging the tiles, this was the situation for a block of privately leased flats in Hampton. Due to the height and particular style of roof, we deemed it vital that we brought in a cherry picker in to assist us with gaining safe and easy access to the roof. As our highly trained staff have already got MEWPS licenses, we had no issues obtaining a cherry picker. It is vital that each and everyone of our staff member has this license when operating the cherry picker, and it is vital the customer/client is aware of this, as should any accidents or incidents happen, liability could fall down to the customer/client. A serious fine could also be issued.

With Harnesses both on, they approached the roof to carry out replacing the tiles 

Having trained and competent staff here at Synergy Roofing is something we strive for on a daily basis, whether you’re a labourer or a senior roofer, we aim to encourage and help each individual grow, and this is something we pride ourselves on as ever growing company. This care that we take with the health and safety of our staff is reflected by Synergy Roofing winning NFRC’s prestigious Gold Excellence in Health and Safety for both 2015 and 2016.

Just using a cherry picker wasn’t safe enough. Each member of the team strapped on harnesses, carried out routine checks on all tools and equipment before ascending up in the cherry picker towards the roof. They could soon see the issues and damage caused by the storm. Several tiles missing and slight damage to some of the slate vent tiles.

The next step was getting replacement tiles and vent tiles from the local merchants. By using local merchants, we hope to boost the local economy, which in time will only ever have a positive effect on each and every one of us. But by also shopping locally, we reduce the use of the vehicle, and by reducing he use of the vehicle, we also encourage being environmentally friendly, Which falls in line with one of our core policies, which is to be environmentally friendly.

For more information on this, please have a look at the following link.

The Damaged tiles in question 

Relatively straight forward once on the roof, the replacement tiles were put in, as well as the vent tiles. Working with with tiles and vent tiles like these can be tricky at the best of times, but working at height as well as from a cherry picker is whole different challenge in itself. But with the skill and experience from our roofers, we were able to execute this task with ease.

With the job now finished, the freeholder was very happy with the quality of the job and how efficient we were. We caused no disruptions to his tenants parking, we left no mess or rubbish and were professional for the entirety of the job. And the results speak for themselves. Swift, but fantastic work from the lads.

Finished job

The end product, Good work from the guys