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Fibreglass Roof

Fibreglass Roof

We were called by a customer in Whittlesey that had recently had their roof fibreglassed, but they weren’t very happy with the quality. So, upon arrival, the Synergy Roofing team made a detailed examination of the roof to try and identify why the roof was leaking. we soon realised that the roof covering was poorly installed by a builder not a roofer.

The roof had been left with bubbles, and not completely joined up around the whole of the roof. which would definitely explain the leaks the customer was experiencing. Our first step we would take would remove the initial top coat, doing this would enable us add more fibreglass to the roof, after we had done this, it was time to fibreglass the gaps and missed parts of the roof back together again. Once we applied the fibreglass, we then applied the top coat, and allowed the designated time for it to dry. Once hardened, we gave it another once over, just to make sure the roof was at a high quality that Synergy are constantly aiming for.

Checking the new roof

Checking the new roof

Finished fibreglass roof

Finished fibreglass roof


Here at Synergy Roofing, due to to the professionalism and the high quality of work we provide, we receive many calls from people who have been targeted by either cowboy roofers or just poor roofers in general. Choosing the wrong roofer can have a devastating effect not only on a financial front, but potentially affect your lifestyle.

Some of the basic procedures to ensure you don’t get ripped off by cowboy builder:

Due Diligence:

Make sure the company is a members of CITB – this is a legal requirements for ALL construction companies and individuals. Ask for their CITB number.

Ask to see public liability insurance – again, a legal requirement, if they don’t have one or cant produce one, tell them to leave.

Ask for references.

Never pay money up front for work, not a deposit, not for materials, nothing. Only pay when the work is completed, all reputable companies work this way.

Anyway, back to this project. As you can see the weather was fantastic if a little cold, we replaced the dormer roof covering, removing the existing felt that was starting to leak and replacing with a far sturdier GRP roof covering.

Felt roof repair

After locating the leak, we stripped  the suspected area. in this case we also had to strip the boards underneath and replace them. once the prep work had been finished it was time to torch the felt on.

The Synergy roofing lads did a fantastic job and the customer was very happy with the work carried out.


New grp roof

Plenty of pictures for this one, to really see the change and progression of the job.

First thing to do on this job was to strip the roof of the previous roof, in this case we had tiles. and along with tiles, we also had strip the button and felt that comes with any tiled roof.

the next stage was to prep the roof. In this instance, we had to screw some boards and add a gradient to it, to allow the water to slide off the roof instead of building up. We then rolled the fibreglass over the boards carefully placed it around the edges. Next up we applied the roofing resin over the top of the fibreglass, and once this goes hard, we then carefully paint on the roofing top coat, this not only hardens the roof further, giving it further strength, but, as you can see, also gives it that tradition darker colour we’re so familiar with. as this was a roof replacements, we were sure to adhere to the BS5534 standards.

The work carried out here by the Synergy guys was yet another fantastic job well done. Another customer with a smile on their face!


Flashing repair

A relatively straight forward job in question.  customer required a replacement lead flashing.

The Synergy roofing team went in and removed the previous lead flashing and replaced it with it with some brand new lead. They also applied some patination oil to it, this will make the water slide straight off it.

A very satisfied customer and a job well done to our lads.


Chimney repairs

A nice challenge this one!

The guys went to do, what was thought, to be a standard chimney repair. However, once they got there, they soon realised that the previous people who had done the chimney hadn’t aligned it correctly.This was no issue for the Synergy lads though, as resolved this issue by taking the chimney down and relaying it, but this time they erected the chimney level and straight.

Customer certainly appreciated chimney being erected straight, and was very happy happy with the synergy lads problem solving skills! well done guys!