Monthly Archives: December 2015

Barge board replacement 

A replacement barge board job here, nothin unusual in that, except a picture that was floating round the Internet discussing.bombings in Peterborough during world war 2.

The neighbouring property to this one was destroyed, the rebuild post war.

The rebuild was a little close, but our scaffolders like a challenge and access was achieved without blocking the neighbours garage.


Bay window replacement

We were called in for a small project, this bay window had started to leak after only 109 years!!

Easy enough project? Maybe, but we also had to bear in mind a parrot that lived in the house that was very sensitive to noise and dust. We took our time and worked carefully and quietly, in the end both parrot and client were happy with the results.


Flat flat roof

We were called in after our client purchased a new flat in March, the flat had some issues with its main roof, which was a large flat roof.

Knowing we couldn’t take the roof off and risk the flat flooding, we were under constraints by the weather. We divided the project into 2 parts and waited for a break in the weather to install the first section.



Duel dormer project

Due to the recent planning permission changes we are seeing more and more loft conversions. Adding a dormer less than 40sq metres can be achieved without planning permission, and that’s exactly what we were called in for. 

Working with the builder, we only installed the roof covering after the boarding was installed by the carpenter.

Relay ridge and bottom wrap

We were called by one of our customers, she was having trouble with a rental flat. The problem was manifesting itself at what looked like rising damp, however there was no evidence of any problems. As a last resort we were called in, just in time too!

The bottom wrap – that’s the lowest section.of felt on th roof – had perished over time and now was letting water in the wall cavity. This was soaking through the cavity and water ingression was obvious in the downstairs rooms.

The problem was made worse with the ridge tiles cement that had eroded over the years.

The solution? Front and rear replacement bottom wraps and the ridge tiles rebedded. Now we have one happy customer and a happier tenant.