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Chimney Fire Insurance Repair

Mrs W called us in to take a look at her chimney, though it as difficult to see from the ground, she could just see what looked like a crack in her chimney.

We popped up onto the roof to take a look, as Mrs W suspected, there was indeed a crack, and it wasn’t a little one either:

The crack had been caused by a flue fire in the chimney, this caused a significant crack and severely weakened the integrity of the chimney.

After explaining the issue to Mrs W, we organised the scaffolder for access and send the quotes to the insurance company. The insurance companies loss adjusters came out to view the damage and also asked thier own contractors to view the damage. Mrs W didn’t like the way the insurance companies chosen contractors conducted themselves and decided to stick with Synergy Roofing Ltd.

The results were within a week the chimney was replaced, and ready for a winter of log burning!!