Monthly Archives: July 2015

Recognising Problems

We were called to a house recently when a roof tile had slipped, nothing much in that, just pop it back into place? Well, not quite. It’s always worth checking the areas surround the slipped tile, this tile has come loose several times and the problem was the batten it was sitting on was next to a valley and there wasn’t much batten to hold the tile.

What’s the solution? Simple really, just add a lead strap to hold the tile in place.

The problem with the slipped tile was that it has slipped all the way down the roof and hit the valley. As you can see, the valley has now been broken and will need replacing, as an accident, this should be covered by household insurance, but if you leave it, you are going to get water inside the house.   

    The customer also mentioned so rustling she could hear from inside the loft area. This will usually be birds or squirrels, both life to explore loft areas. In this case the birds nest is clear to see, once the birds have migrated the nest can be removed and filling in any missing concrete and installing bird combs will certainly help stop them returning.

    Valleys are an area of concern, especially if they are not maintained, this valley needs repointing, leave this much longer and water will start to get in requiring a new valley and lots more work, repair the valley for a couple of hundred pounds or replace the valley for a couple of thousand….. 


    Replacing Velux flashing kit

    After some rain we had a call from a lady who had some water coming into her onsuite bathroom. After popping round we could see the problem was that the wrong flashing kit had been installed. As the house was less than 10 years old it was covered by NHBC’s guarantees. We helped with the claim and installed the flashing kit.

    No more leaks now