Monthly Archives: August 2014

Irthlingborough – Reroof

We have just finished another reroof project in Irthlingborough.

This particular job was slightly challenging, the customer had slate tiles on her roof and wanted to have the roof changed to match the neighbours roof which had concrete interlocking tiles.

Once we had established the effect the extra weight would cause to the supporting structure, which was negligible in this case, we simply had to remove the slates from the terraced house then refit with the new concrete interlocking to fir in with the neighbours. The only slight issue we faced was that we had to add a hidden valley where one of the neighbours houses joined.

The customer, who had just retired – congratulations !!, went on holiday and we undertook the roof renovations while she was away, we kept the customer updated with progress while they sipped pino colada’s by the pool and when they got back they had a new roof.