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Kettering Job Update

Havelock Street

The factory reroof in Kettering has been a great project, though challenging at points.

Initially we were approached to try and repair the current roof on the factory. It is an unusual pitched roof with felt covering. As usual we made a site visit and began our initial site survey. The roof was in poor condition, we knew it was leaking, but then, as generally is the case, the landlord was trying to get the best job possible while keeping a close eye on the costs.

3 months after our initial survey we we’re called back to start work. We could see that the roof was in bad condition but we really couldn’t see how bad it was until we started stripping the roof.

The roof purlins were rotten and although initially the plan was to retain the existing georgian cast windows we couldn’t retain them if we were removed the purlins and roof structure.

Our plan was to redefine the roof and replace the georgian glass with extremely tough polycarbonate sheeting.