Month: December 2015

Barge board replacement 

A replacement barge board job here, nothin unusual in that, except a picture that was floating round the Internet discussing.bombings in Peterborough during world war 2. The neighbouring property to this one was destroyed, the rebuild post war. The rebuild

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Bay window replacement

We were called in for a small project, this bay window had started to leak after only 109 years!! Easy enough project? Maybe, but we also had to bear in mind a parrot that lived in the house that was

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Flat flat roof

We were called in after our client purchased a new flat in March, the flat had some issues with its main roof, which was a large flat roof. Knowing we couldn’t take the roof off and risk the flat flooding,

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Duel dormer project

Due to the recent planning permission changes we are seeing more and more loft conversions. Adding a dormer less than 40sq metres can be achieved without planning permission, and that’s exactly what we were called in for.  Working with the

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Relay ridge and bottom wrap

We were called by one of our customers, she was having trouble with a rental flat. The problem was manifesting itself at what looked like rising damp, however there was no evidence of any problems. As a last resort we

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