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Our updates of our current projects, some pictures and videos.

Grp flat roof

A lovely day for a new roof. Mrs S asked us last year to replace the roof on her garage. The lady had been conned by a cowboy builder who hadn’t done what they said and installed the felt incorrectly. We

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Chimney flashing replacement

Chimney flashing replacement A job which required the previous lead to be stripped out and replaced. As you can see, another job well done by the Synergy roofers as they replaced the original with some new lead and topped it

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Valley replacement

Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, I guess the scaffold was a little shaky. A fairly standard job this. We were called in to replace a valley on this victorian terrace property in Peterborough. Replacement valley installed on

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Verge rebuild

Another small job, the customer contacted us to take a look at the porch verge. We could see the verge had simple started slipping, this can happen over time. A simple fix really, new felt and battens and repoint up

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Flue leak

Just a simply job really, the flue collar on top of the stench pipe has started to leak so we took a look. The flue collar that was used was a cheap version made of tin and not lead, in

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Finlock guttering – new lining

A customer contacted us to discuss what options they had to add some extra life to their old finlock guttering. Finlock guttering was popular in the 60s and while the principal was sound the problems started to become evident when

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New joined valleys on interlocking tiled roof

After an extension was built, this customer was never quote happy with the roof. There was something not quite right about it, and, while it didn’t leak, there was always a niggling doubt about the roof itself. Finally the customer

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Valley Rebuild

This customer had a new extension built some years ago, however, the roof wasn’t installed by roofers and there was always a little concern that the roof wasn’t fitted correctly. After a while the customer could see some water ingression

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New build house leaks

We are the trouble shooters for a large housing developer, one of their jobs recently had a water ingression recently. After a quick survey we could see that the flashing was secure, however a row of tiles was missing from

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Lead valley install

A simple like for like replacement of a lead valley. The original valley had started to split, but then it was 80 years old !

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