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Our updates of our current projects, some pictures and videos.

Felt Roof Replacement

Felt Roof Repair “Who Are They?” Next up for the lads, a drive out to Luton. “Unite The Union” or more commonly known as “Unite”, is a British and Irish trade union formed in 01/05/07 by the merger of Amicus

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High access storm damage repairs using a cherry picker

The Storm is Coming In the wake of Storm Doris, we have received numerous calls regarding repairs. With wind speeds of up to 94mph around some parts of the Britain, the damage caused was reminiscent of the storm damage caused

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Replacement lead valley and lead flashing

Replacement Chimney Flashing This job was a grade 2 listed building and the local Conservation Office had managed to allocate some budget towards the roof repairs of this privately owned property. A relatively straight forward job. The customer had called

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Rebedding Ridge Line

Reinstalling Previous Ridge The ridge is arguably one of the most important parts of the roof, therefore it is essential that it is installed properly. Prior to 2014 BS5534 allowed ridges to be installed using only a cement mortar mix. Unfortunately

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Felt Roof Repair work

Replacing A Damaged Felt Roof With the recent bad weather, in which we encountered storm Doris, we received a call from an IT company based in March, they had informed us that that Doris has ripped up a portion of their

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Maidwell hall felt and lead replacement

Maidwell hall is a beautiful private boarding school, located in the beautiful countryside of Northamptonshire. Due to the buildings age (and beauty) we would normally have to speak to a Conservation Officer about any repairs but as the works being

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Replacement Lead Gulley

  Replacement Lead Gulley As the building we going to work on was Grade 2 listed bulding, we had to liaise with the the local conservation officer. Standard procedure for our guys. Once on the roof we had to strip

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Replacement Roof Hip

Replacement Hip Fairly straight forward project. Although it certainly takes a keen eye to maintain the straight line the way Synergy Roofing like our hip (and ridgelines) to be laid. With the previous ridges being replaced with new ridges, the team

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Summer house Mould Problems solved

Summer house Mould Problems solved This job involved two summer houses that hadn’t been joined properly. Fortunately Synergy Roofing were at hand! As you can see the problems are evident. With water and moisture getting between the gap, this was creating

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Slate Reroof

Slate Tile Reroof Another slate reroof, this time around out in the village of Nassington. As per with any reroof, the first step is to always remove the old slates first. then, we take care of the old batten and old

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